We have many different styles of furniture from different periods but at the moment Victorian Furniture is selling really well.

The type and style of Victorian furniture tells us so much about them. This was a time when an abundance of contrasting styles were simultaneously fashionable and everything was enthusiastically copied from previous periods.

Classical styles were mixed with Gothic, Chinese and Rococo styles, not always in the best taste. Furniture was often clumsy, heavy and over ornate, in sharp contrast to the fine lines of the Regency period. Nothing was left unadorned.

As well as an abundance of styles, there was also an overflow of furniture generally – Victorian houses were crammed with occasional furniture from fire screens to work tables and occasional chairs. They were eager and fickle consumers so we have a lot of Victorian furniture in the centre!

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture was the sideboard. These were symbols of status and so were often very big and heavy as well as being ornate and richly polished – made of oak or mahogany, they aimed to impress.

The use of mirrors was typically Victorian and so all kinds of furniture, from sideboards to umbrella stands, included a mirror. Painting was also used to decorate furniture – painted papier mache chairs were en vogue.

The abundance of Victorian furniture means that it is still quite commonly available today. For as little as £100, you could be placing your coffee on a genuine, antique Victorian table.

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