There are many furniture dealers in the centre and buying and selling good pieces of antique and old furniture is the main stay of the centre and something owner Jimmy has always been fascinated by.

He said "I always enjoyed learning about social history at school and ‘how we used to live’. Furniture tells a story about what sort of families owned the different pieces and what sort of house they had. The size of the piece and its condition and date, paints a picture of a lifestyle and is part of our history and heritage. The joy for me is seeing even the oldest pieces given a new home or recycled pieces being given a second lease of life.”

Jimmy also knows what trade buyers are looking for. The trends at the moment are for smaller, lighter pieces of furniture. It's a seasonal trend too. In the winter many sofas, tables and chairs are sold, whilst the summer months see more garden furniture and bedroom furniture being sold. Plus, there's always a huge influx of visitors over the Christmas period!

GB Antiques Centre has many individual pieces and styles of furniture. With everything from Victorian pine and Edwardian oak, to mahogany and walnut, there’s dining sets, dressers, bedroom furniture and a wide range of sofas and chairs. You’ll also find occasional tables, mirrors, fire screens and lighting, to help to you finish that room!

Jimmy or a member of his expert staff are on hand at the centre every day, so you can ask them for advice on the age of a piece and its value.

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