Facebook makes Business Dreams Come True for Lancaster Lady

Facebook makes Business Dreams Come True for Lancaster Lady

Date: 02/03/2015

When looking to expand her business, Cheryl Mulqueeney seemed to have a sixth sense of where she would end up. 

Having moved to Lancaster from Wigan in October last year, she and her husband were shopping at Lancaster Leisure Park when she spotted the gift shop.  She’d been toying with the idea of taking her established photography business one step further and opening a second studio seemed the natural step. She saw the gift shop and although there was already a tenant in it, she somehow knew that one day it would be hers.

Cheryl is a canny lady.  Confident and creative, she started her working life as an “educator” for a professional hair products company.  For 15 years she worked in the industry often travelling up and down the country and across the world, training hairdressers in new products and techniques. Spending 6 days a week away from home, she enjoyed her job until she wanted to start a family.
She took 4 years off to have her daughter and when it was time to go back to work she knew she couldn’t leave her family and start travelling again, so something closer to home was sought.

In the mean time, she been taking photos of her little girl and posting them on Facebook. They were good and many people commented on the quality of the shots.  Soon people started making requests for Cheryl to photograph their child. It all happened very quickly and within 3 weeks she had set up a studio in her then home town of Wigan taking portrait shots of families and children.

When she moved house and came to Lancaster 3 years later, she wanted to replicate her successful Wigan studio and that’s when the gift shop at Lancaster Leisure Park caught her eye. With a huge footfall, a children’s soft play area and dance studio, the site seemed an obvious choice.


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