Lancaster Leisure Park Planning Permission Passed

Lancaster Leisure Park Planning Permission Passed

Date: 15/03/2017

This week, owner of Lancaster Leisure Park, Allan Blackburn is celebrating as planning permission has just been passed on a new building at the back of the park.

The purpose built 4250 sq ft building is going to be a state of the art gymnastics studio, complete with a specially sprung floor, and plans are already underway for “The City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club” to move in.

Already a meeting has been set up with Chairperson of the club, Marie Gardner, to finalise the requirements needed to make it a top class training venue.

Currently the club teaches a wide variety of gymnastic disciplines including acrobatics, trampolining, tumbling, floor and Vault, team gym, display/festivals and preschool at the University of Cumbria’s Sports Centre on Bowerham Road. The new venue at the leisure park creates more space, enabling them to offer more classes and an environment which mirrors competition conditions.

Marie explained “We’ve been looking for another venue for a while now, as we wanted to keep it close to the existing facilities at the University. Lots of parents bring their children to us after school and at weekends, so we wanted somewhere that’s easy to get to, with good parking.  The Leisure Park give us that.”

Allan said “The plans that the City of Lancaster Gymnastics Club have for the building fit in nicely with the other attractions on the park. We’ve always been family focused and together with Giggles Play and Adventure and Turning Point Theatre Arts, the leisure park now offers just as much for children and young adults, as it does for our older visitors.”

Allan has owned and managed the park for 21 years and is always moving things forward and looking for new attractions for the 220,000 visitors that enjoy the leisure park each year.

In the last five years alone some of the land has been developed into housing, Lancaster Brewery moved onto the site and the park has seen a new farm shop, restaurant, ice cream parlour, forest garden, photography studio, play area and van and mini bus hire, as well as new extra parking.

Allan finished by saying “It’s my 70th birthday in May and my children keep asking me when I’m going to retire, but when exciting things like this are happening to the site, retirement will have to wait!”

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