More Success and More Jobs at Leisure Park

More Success and More Jobs at Leisure Park

Date: 21/01/2012

It's a happy new year for GB Antique Centre. Over the last few months the centre has been bustling with more eager visitors than ever before.

Last weekend, (21.01.12) footfall was up by an amazing 45% over last year's figures. Sunday, always GB's busiest day saw a whopping 600 people through the doors instead of the usual 350 – 400. And it's the same during the week too. Historically quiet days mid week, now see an average of 150 visitors browsing for hours, throughout the day. In the last two years there has been major developments at the park and a consistent steady growth of visitors and sales.

But it's not just customers that are excited by the centre's big improvements. Already the biggest indoor antiques and furniture centre in the country, GB now houses 85 dealers with a further 40 dealers on a list, waiting for stands to become available in the centre.

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