Repairs & Restoration

Children, pets and cleaners are definitely out if you want to preserve your fragile collectables! The passing of time is nothing compared to these, the three biggest culprits for damaging china, porcelain and glass!

Apart from avoiding these factors, what else can you do to safeguard your beloved ceramics?

Firstly, keep it clean. Handle items carefully and don't be afraid to give them a good wash in warm, soapy water. (Don't put them into very hot or boiling water.) When washing, it's a good idea to put rubber covers over taps to prevent accidental knocking. Polishing is fine too, but only on items which are already shiny.

If the worst happens and something valuable is broken, don't try and repair it yourself! Modern super glues are very difficult to remove and if you make a mess of it, it will ultimately cost much more to repair. It's also important not to put the two broken pieces together - Further damage could well be caused as they scrape together. Finally, keep all the pieces, even the tiny splinters.

We don’t have a restoration expert on site at the moment, but our advice would be to contact a professional to restore your precious items every time. Professional restorers can do incredible things with smashed vases! Even the most shattered porcelain can be rebuilt with epoxy resins. If necessary, they can even be re-enameled and glazed. Delicate patterns too can be re-created.

The price is dependant on the amount of damage and the difficulty of the repair, as well as the standard of repair the owner needs.

Restoration is not just reserved for porcelain and pottery though, (even if they are particularly fragile) - old furniture, clocks and even teddy bears could all benefit from professional repairs.

It's no wonder that restoration and repair is a full time job for the professionals! So, if you have a vase which Great Auntie Beryl left you, but can't put it on display because it's badly chipped, take heart - virtually any damage can be repaired.

Remember: Good restoration can sometimes be expensive, but bad restoration is always expensive!

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